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     managed service partner (MSP) is an organization that remotely manages an IT infrastructure and solutions; proactive based strategies; offers subscription model altenatives
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                          Bugs and BytesTM... 
                  "Your Managed Service Partner"

Bugs and Bytes handles painstaking technical tasks which can "keep you awake at night.

                     Get some rest.  Field your IT solution needs to us. 

We'll help you grow your bottom line by cutting overhead expenditures. Reduce juggling multiple tasks external of your daily goals. Enhance your connected experience for a unified office front.

Gain the advantage of:

  • Trusted Advisors - single Point of Contact taking the stress of technology solutions and remedies out of the equation of your day-to-day initiatives.

  • IT solutions - simplify and leverage our expertise and array of resources to assist with managing your technical relationships under one environment

  • Reduced Costs professional technical reviews and identification of the most cost-effective solutions to maximize your resources at the lowest possible rates 

Watch the video to learn how to create NFTs in a few simple steps!
CCaaS & UCaaS communications; 
Internet/Bandwidth solutions; 
Infrastructure Equipment requirements;

We will assign a dedicated advisor to work with you through the process!
Also, we will assist you in gaining the right solution for your enterprise needs. Click the button to