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     managed service partner (MSP) is an organization that remotely manages an IT infrastructure and solutions; proactive based strategies; offers subscription model altenatives
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About Bugs and BytesTM
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Bugs and BytesTM is a leading MSP providing SMEs, legal firms, and enterprise organizations with voice, cloud and emerging technology solutions.  Since our company opened its doors in 2008, we have gained many repeat clients and customers, and we treat every client as if they are our family.  In 2014, we became a private business solutions advisor gaining clients in local government and the SME sectors.  We earned our certifications as a SWaM and DMBE solutions provider.

Today, we have evolved, as technology has, to be a Managed Services Partner to clients in 
North America. We provide web design services, A/V productions, internet solutions, data 
center storage solutions, and VoIP systems for the government and enterprise sectors.